Public Safety & Health

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Derby City Protection, COWH's armed security service, contacts Tony's Wrecker Service, when their Officer needs a vehicle towed for the following situations:

      > Operating a vehicle without a license or on a suspended license

      > No insurance coverage on vehicle
      > Canceled vehicle registration for failure to maintain insurance coverage on it

      > Expired vehicle registration (3 months or greater)

      > Vehicle has an expired temporary tag  (No grace period)

      > Stolen vehicle

      > Arrest
      > Junked / abandoned vehicles (Tagged for 72 hours)

COWH 1-Day Visitor Street Parking Permit

Call our Public Safety & Health Commissioner, Dennis Metcalf, at (502) 243-8415 ext 1

Parking permits must be displayed on the driver's side of the dashbord, and are only valid until 12 Midnight Sunday - Thursday, and 2 AM on Friday & Saturday nights.

Vehicles parked on a City street or on an unpaved surface after dark without a parking permit are subject to being ticketed by LMPD.

Overnight parking on any street or on an unpaved surface within our City is not allowed for public safety reasons.