Welcome to the City of Worthington Hills!

We are a community of approximately 675 families, located in eastern Jefferson County on Westport Road, and near the Chamberlain Lane Ford Plant.  Property Owners, Residents, Tenants, Visitors, and Business Entities within our city limits are governed by all laws, codes, regulations, and ordinances of the United States of America, Commonwealth of Kentucky, Louisville Metro/Jefferson County Government, and City of Worthington Hills.

City Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7 PM at the Hampton Inn located at 4100 Hampton Lake Way Louisville KY 40241.

Open Records Requests Instructions

Trash, Recycling, and Other Waste Pickup Instructions

Preliminary Notice of Resignation 

Mr. Schwager has served as our City Attorney since 1982.  On the morning of April 30th, the City Commission received an email from him indicating his intention to resign after our May 16, 2023 City Meeting.  Mayor Stonum replied to his email, and asked Mr. Schwager to delay resigning until July 1st, since we have KY statute required City Ordinances needing to be completed by the end of FY 2023, which is June 30th.   Mr. Schwager agreed to the request.


The search process for his replacement will begin immediately.  If you are an attorney interested in serving as the COWH City Attorney, please email or mail a resume and contact information to:

Mayor Robert Stonum


Mailing Address: PO Box 22586, Louisville, KY 40252


This matter will be included on the May 19, 2023 City Meeting Agenda.

Rate Evasion aka Insurance Fraud

Are YOU guilty?

Failure to immediately inform your insurance company and/or insurance agent, when you've relocated/moved, and/or you're purchasing or renewing your insurance policies, and you are residing within the City of Worthington Hills, KY 40245, is Insurance Fraud.

Construction Plan Review and Permits

All property owners within the City of Worthington Hills are required to comply with Louisville Metro / Jefferson County Ordinances.  Anytime you are planning on making changes to your property, (ie: Structure, Driveway, Deck, Electric System/Wiring, Plumbing, Heating & AC, Water Heating, etc.) you are required to obtains approval from Louisville Metro/Jefferson County's Public Works Construction Plan Review and Permits Department before work begins. An approval from MSD is not a Metro building permit.  All permits must be publicly displayed until the work is completed. Failure to obtains all appropriate permits may result in fines, penalties, and in some cases, the removal of the improvement(s)

Metro Public Works

Business Portal to login or create an account!

Office Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM ;Monday - Friday

Phone Number: (502) 574-5810


Need a COWH 1-Day Visitor Street Parking Permit?

Call our Public Safety & Health Commissioner, Dennis Metcalf, at (502) 243-8415 ext 1

Parking permits must be displayed on the driver's side of the dashbord, and are only valid until 12 Midnight Sunday - Thursday, and 2 AM on Friday & Saturday nights.  Vehicles parked on a City street or on an unpaved surface after dark without a parking permit are subject to being ticketed by LMPD.

Overnight parking on any street or on an unpaved surface within our City is not allowed for public safety reasons.

City Directory

All Emergencies – Dial 911

Before You Dig – Dial 811

Public Safety & Health Commissioner - Dennis Metcalf
(502) 243-8415 ext 1

Utilities Commissioner - Susan Maupin
(502) 243-8415 ext 2

Road Maintenance Commissioner - Linda Beville
(502) 243-8415 ext 3

Property Maintenance CommissionerCrystal Adams
(502) 243-8415 ext 4

City Clerk - Beverly Lush
(502) 243-8415 ext 5

City Treasurer - Dan Small
(502) 243-8415 ext 6

City Attorney - Steve Schwager
(502) 243-8415 ext 7

Mayor - Robert Stonum
(502) 243-8415 ext 8

Request for Tax Information
Protocol Instructions and Form
(Tax Info requests via phone call, email, or fax aren't accepted)

General Information
(502) 243-8415 ext 0 (voice mail)

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