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Welcome to the City of Worthington Hills!

We are a community of approximately 675 families, located in eastern Jefferson County on Westport Road,
and near the Chamberlain Lane Ford Plant.

NOTICE: If you received this Waste Management mailer, please disregard it. Waste Management has been contacted, and we are awaiting a response from them. Rumpke is still under contract to provide waste collection services for properties within the City of Worthington Hills.

Waste Management mailer

City Directory

Public Safety & Health Commissioner
(502) 243-8415 ext 1

Utilities Commissioner
(502) 243-8415 ext 2

Road Maintenance Commissioner
(502) 243-8415 ext 3

Property Maintenance Commissioner
(502) 243-8415 ext 4

City Clerk
(502) 243-8415 ext 5

City Treasurer
(502) 243-8415 ext 6

City Attorney
(502) 243-8415 ext 7

(502) 243-8415 ext 8

Request for Tax Information
(502) 243-8415 ext 9 (for instructions)

General Information
(502) 243-8415 ext 0 (voice mail)

City News

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